I created this page to put on line what I find. How life changes!!!!!!!!!! I never imagined it would grow so big.

I keep all the old posts online but I keep on asking myself how can I still keep on learning? Every day it seams I learn more and more, information clicks and the progression just accelerates…………..

Be patient and go through the menu, you may find what you are looking for.

My new site is russellgroves.pro


Where you will find new things about learning to windsurf.




Living is all about being on the water and being involved with people who are.

Having FUN!

This Blog is about sharing a lifetime of being on the water, finding out how things work.

You can follow daily updates on face book if you would like. Find me at Russell Groves (14)

Sailing, well this is not in the blog but it’s what I follow. I started sailing when I was 3 years old.


Surfing, I don’t get on a board much now but I started when I was 5 years old.  Now it is only when Noah steels my S.U.P.

Stand up Paddle boarding has to be the best light wind alternative to windsurfing, plus it is the best way to stay in shape and learn many things to do with the sports I do. But I forget S.U.P is a sport and I spend many hours developing it!!!!!!!

Windsurfing, is my job and learning is my game, I learn from everyone I meet. I have been teaching for over 30 years.

Kiting, is my hobby, the development of the sport in waves is fantastic. I have been through the Freestyle stage but I am just to stiff to continue, but I follow what they are doing, and am amazed. For me surfing rules, where will they go next.

What more can I say, I just have to be on the water.

But when I’m not as you will see I am behind my cameras.

This is a site that is always growing.


By going to the different pages you will find techniques that I have found and friends I have met.

And going back again to see what has changed.

If you wish to ask any questions please leave a comment and I will either answer through my pages or by e-mail.

37 Responses to “WHAT MAKES ME TICK”

  1. Keep it up Mr Hobbit!
    Excellent to see a new and different site up and running.

    • Hi Russel
      I just stumbled over your homepage and remember what you taught me years ago on Lancarote.Thanks for that.
      Meanwhile my 11 year old girl twins are already windsurfing and this year we will be learning waveriding in Portugal( I‘m looking for a kind of workshop).
      I hope your are doing fine and be still in a good shape.
      Hang loose
      Bernhard ( „Are there any sharks in the bay?“ Russel:“Only gentle sharks“)

  2. Thanks Marko and everyone who have visited my site. I hope you enjoyed it and that you found some useful info on there.
    More pages are going up today.

  3. Hi Russel, nice site … I’ve book-marked the blog and will keep up with the news from our neighbouring island.

    ps we met in Costa Teguise some time in the early / mid 90’s. I remember meeting a very young Guy Cribb in your equipment store when he was in his long haired period … he wanted to flog me a load of his old gear I seem to recall 🙂 Anyway me & Nikki are still windsurfing, and we’ve been living in El Medano, Tenerife since August 2007. You can read our story on our blog: http://lifeonthereef.blogspot.com/.

  4. Hy Russel, its long ago but i am still alive, even i havn`t been on the Island for a hundret of Years. I like the Name “Wavehobbit”, good idea. this Year in October i will come finally and i am really looking forward to it. Nice Site anyway and ihope you two are fine,
    greetings Kim

  5. Hi Russ
    You need a “latest” tab on your front page.
    Your weather looks good, north easterlies for several days!

  6. Thanks Marko great idea and yes the forecast looks great.

  7. Hy,Russel,after only 3 days working i am watching your site. It’s so good!!I am waiting for my next hollydays.By…

  8. Hi hope you can help coming to lanzarote in July/August and wanting to bring my own kit but staying in hotel so not ideally to keep it with me. Looking for a place for board storage any idea? I know of windsurf paradise but they have not come back to me.

    Any other ideas?



    • At present Windsurf Paradise is the only place offering board storage so I hope they get back to you. When you come pop in and say Hi at Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas.

  9. Hi Russel,

    Good website! See you again later this year on Lanzarote.
    By the way: we lately had some good days of windsurfing here in Holland.


  10. Hey Russle the mussel !

    Your’e the Islands guru, pure, salty, creative Sea dog and local weather knowledge station!
    Thanks for all your knowledge and advice 🙂

  11. very good page… wikipedia definitly is a shit

  12. Hi Russel,

    I windsurf to long on my last session and I did not have the time to say bye. Well, when I arrived you were gone!
    So thanks you so much for the surf coaching you did on me. I did my best surf this summer and you really help me to improve a lot. I am sure it will follow me on my next surf. Hope to see you again. Meanwhile take care of yourself.


  13. Hey Russel!
    You have a picture from me without my permisson!!! 😀
    Great page … hope you still enjoy the work with the camera and the computer (It’s still alive?).
    And yes i finaly return into windsurfing … i’m infected!!!
    Un abrazo!

  14. Hey Bro,
    Finally found your wonderful site. Keep up the good work.
    Take care of yourself,

    “Little Brother” Julian.

  15. Hy Russel, thanks for the last two weeks and your super Tips like allways, hope to come back as soon as possible,
    greetings Kim

  16. another thing, if you would feel temperature here, you would not think in windsurfing ore any other activity in the water 😦

  17. Hi Russel, thanks for this super week in lanzarote 😉

  18. Thanks for another brilliant time Russell. See you next year to play with the new toys!

  19. Hey there Russell. Or should it be Bilbo? 🙂 Firstly let me thank you for your very useful SUP Guide to the island. It is very comprehensive!!

    I am coming to Lanzarote on 29th December for a week with my girlfriend. I am an experienced kitesurfer and have done a little SUP and surfing. I have my own 10ft custard point inflatable SUP and kitesurf quiver. However my girlfriend has no experience so we will take some normal surfing lessons together with kaboti surf in famara. We will be staying in playa blanca and will have a car.

    I will bring either my kitesurf stuff or SUP on the plane. unfortunately I cannot bring both. I am thinking to bring the kites as the SUP is easier to rent. What do you think?

    Also I would love to meet you and maybe go for a paddle somewhere interesting rather than just famara. Do you do any courses or lessons? We would do a SUP course rather than surfing but in December/Jan the waves may be too big and for my girlfriends 1st taste of waves she may prefer just playing on a big foam malibu in famara!

    ps the website http://www.blankvet.co.uk is my girlfriends art site which i helped build. Hope you like it!

  20. Hi Derren, Thanks for the comment. Can you send me a mail to thewavehobbit@gmail.com and we can discuss this further.

  21. Thanks Russell. Should be in your inbox. Looking forward to a windy weekend on the channel coast in sussex at the moment!

  22. Hi Russel!

    Merry Christmas and haappy New Year!

  23. Hello Russel,
    nice to find your site here. See you soon. Robert

  24. Hi Russel, just found your blog and saw all the old heroes! Congrats for that excellent Website! After years Britta and I will be back on the Island this summer – very likely together with Olaf from Sailloft. Hope to see you in summer! Cheers, Kai – Hamburg

  25. Love the pix of you and friends and waves and Lanza. can one leave pix in the comments somehow or is that only for admin?

  26. Hi! we’re back in Poland … thanks for the great time in Costa Teguise and Jameos of course …and all the help 🙂 all the best 🙂 Dobromira and Lukas

  27. Hey Russell. thanks for an awsome week windsurfing from Alun Matt and Drew. We had an awsome time and and really appreciate how helpful you and the team were! Im sure we will be seeing you soon again. Thanks again

  28. Hey Russell! Thank you for all the help you gave us with the camp. It was great. Is it possible for you to send me the pictures and the movies you took from the camp or to publish them on the site? It would be great! I hope to see you next year!
    Hang loose

  29. Thank you wavehobbit guru for the prowave shared knowledge. Learning as a way of life rocks!


  30. I am so looking forward to absorbing bits of your extensive watersport knowledge once again. Trying them out at your wonderful spot, Praia Las Cucharas. Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas, here i come!

  31. hi Russel, thanks for a great week a couple of weeks ago. Finally sorted out my video footage, take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xNrPFSZAXQ All the best, Jonathan

  32. Hello,
    I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for a 2012 Fanatic Race Fly carbon fibre 12″ X 27″ and was hoping you might be able to guide me as to where I may still be able to pick one up. It is an amazing board and I would like another one. An thoughts on who might be selling such a board?

  33. In the term of 8-15.06.2017 we as a family of 3 persons stayed on Lanzarote in Costa Teguise.

    We accommodated in Aparatamentos Sol: Hervideros, s/n, 35508 Costa Teguise.

    We had windsurfing equipment: 3 boards and some rigs (in the attachment you can find the picture of packed equipment just after arrival to Lanzarote).

    On early morning of 15.06.2017 all the 3 boards were stolen.
    That night we parked on Calle los Hervideros, s/n, 35508 Costa Teguise, next to the building of Appartamentos Sol.

    The boards were on the roof rack .

    The following windsurfing boards were stolen:
    1. Fanatic QUAD 89 l from 2014– serial number: FA14QUTE8913340025.
    2. JP Freestyle wave 92 l from 2013 – serial number unknown
    3. Goya X1 105 l from 2007– serial number GYXS10507010100

    Two boards were kept in specific old boardbags from Gun Sails (red and black, silver bottom – one used, second very used , one with a rope in zipper– both reworked to 240 cm by cutting the nose of the bag) and one board in a very old purple(violet) mistral boardbag.

    Yours sincerely
    Artur Rybarek

    I don’t have any expectation, just want to inform You, that’s stolen material, if someone would like to sell it.
    I don’t have much hope, but maybe someone will see our kit.
    It was our 6-th visit to Lanzarote (hope not the last), this time we had bad luck.
    I have e-mailed to policia local already (even with some photos), they told me to make complaint to guardia civil – so I will do it.
    (Always highly respect you tips and windsurfing knowledge from your articles)

  34. Been to your website a few times. It is great. Thanks for the good work. Phill

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