Why re- shape a fin?

Well the first reason is due to the fact that you have hit a rock and destroyed the tip of the fin.

Another reason is that you have seen or tried a smaller fin and like it.

Or the reason for me is that I have new ideas and would like to try it.

Here are three fins I use on my skate 100L.

The Skate 100L comes with a 22cm fin and I found this to large so I also ordered a 20cm fin which you see here. This fin is great but I tried a smaller one and found it even better so the first fin I shaped for this board is the one on the left.

When I shape a fin I stay with the origional profile as much as I can, so you can see that this one is quite swept back.

I start by making a more traditional shape but baring in mind of modifications later.

The important thing is that you must make shure the tip foil is thin enough. This in fact is my light wind/wave fin for the Skate, although it is only 18cm.

This is the final shape and profile because it is light wind the tip foil is still a little bit thick for modern standards.

Now here is the origional 20cm fin I use. I take this when I am not interested in slide, even though it slides realy well. when I need that lttle bit more grip in the waves this is the fin for me, it also helps when I have to jump realy upwind.

Now we have to come to my favourite one at the moment. It’s 17cm with a super slim profile.

The origional fin I shaped it from was the 22cm fin for the Skate, so it already had a slim profile. However once I had given it it’s rough shape the tip was very thick. It is wider than the 20cm so after testing it, I decided to keep the width at the base but make the top section narrower. I also took out some of the leading edge profile all the way down the fin.

It is an interesting shape and works very well. It is quite vertical so the next one will be shaped from a slalom fin. I will have to find out how narrow you can go.

One Response to “RE-SHAPING Fins.”

  1. What about working on side fins for our SUPs…?

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