Playa de la Garita can offer some nice small waves to play on when it is not too big. However once it gets big it is a beach break and is very powerful and closeout so should be avoided.

The beach directly by the village is a town beach and full of children so only go in the water when there are no people playing there. This can be achieved by going early in the morning or evening. At low tide there is sand at the south end of the beach, so can be used.


In the village there is a Chinese house where there is a reef break just to the North. This can be surfed from 3hrs before high tide to 3hrs after. The ideal conditions are with a NE swell and NW wind but if the wind is light can be surfed in all directions.

The entrance to the water is through a passageway between the houses, where there is a small slipway. The wave is a lefthander with a steep takeoff going soft and ending with a speedy section where you must kick out so as not to go on the rocks.


To the south of Playa de la Garita again if it is flat and no wind, or wind from the west, there are amazing rock formations. Where the lava reached the sea there are many lava bubbles, which have formed caves. To be able to see the caves you must go at low tide. Be very careful of any water movement.


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