Baby Bay/ Caleta del Mero.


These 2 breaks compliment each other, as Baby Bay works from 2hrs before high tide to 2hrs after, whereas Caleta del Mero works from 2hrs before low tide to 2hrs after. Swell direction from NW-NE and wind direction from E-W.


As you pass the sand dunes, over the rise of the hill there is a small sandy bay where there is a left hand point break. Once the wave gets too big it closes out the bay. When it is perfect it gives you a steep fast wall that can give perfect barrels.


This reef break can take any size swell, how it works will depend on the direction of the swell. It is a complicated place to predict as; Graciosa and Alegranza interrupt the main swell. This wave breaks both ways, so the take off is all about looking. Unfortunately for S.U.P. it is a very popular wave for surfers so we normally can only surf it when it is small or get lucky.


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