Caleton Blanco



This is a wonderful playground for S.U.P. It is a collection of outer reefs and lagoons. When there is no wind and flat water, it is a lovely paddle from the harbour at Orzola to the sandy lagoon. The outer reefs work with swells from NW to NE and winds from SE to W but due to a local effect it has to be very light. The main wave we surf is a right hand point break; well it is like a point break as it travels all the way down the side of the main reef.

The best entrance is from the small inlet just in front of the group of houses past the harbour.

There are 3 take off points but be warned if you take off at the top, your timing has to be good to make all the sections. The take off is steep and you have to make sure you have speed to make it through the softer sections. If you decide to take off on the lower sections, watch out for surfers coming around the white water. They have right of way. This wave is very difficult to S.U.P. if there are any surfers on it.

The lefthander is mainly surfed around high tide, as there is more water over the reef. The entrance is through a sandy lagoon. When coming back in make sure you have the correct entrance. The wave is an interesting sucky left where you have to be very confident to take it from the top.  There is no margin for error.

There are many waves on the outer reefs and with certain swell directions can be surfed by a S.U.P but are not easy. Study them carefully before taking the drop.


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