Playa Atras.


This has to be one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. Because of the sand bottom the colours are amazing against the dark cliffs. It is a wonderful place to paddle when there is no wind and waves. Be warned the sun goes off the beach early especially in the winter, about 3 pm. Now let’s have a look at the waves. First I must say surfers and S.U.P. do not mix on this beach, however there is normally not a problem on the far left of the beach. The beach cannot hold a big swell unless it is from the W-NW; the ideal direction is from N-NE.



The wind needs to be from SE-W to make it glassy but very light, as the cliffs tend to accelerate the wind. Once the swell picks up there is a strong rip current on the right of the bay. When the swell gets too big, the wave closes out the bay.

There is a right hand point break on the right of the bay, which can connect with the last part of the lefthander.

In the middle sand bar there is a left and right-hander and a lefthander on the left sand bar. The wave works at all tides but the smaller the wave the lower the tide needs to be.

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