Playa Honda



This area will work best with a large NE swell but will pick up wind swells from NE-W. Even though you need strong wind to make the swell it is best once the wind has dropped or moved round to the North.



This is a popular spot for windsurfers when Costa Teguise is too big and windy. However once the wind drops it will give you a good playground for S.U.P at about head high. This is a sand break, so you can take the wave all the way to the beach. It Works best if the swell has a little bit more East than NE and the wind is more North. It is predominantly a Lefthander but there are some right hand sections when the waves do not link. It is a long paddle from the car park at the end of Playa Honda.


From the car park to El Tiburon there are some reef breaks that can work but they are breaking on rock. They can give you a more interesting paddle down and back from El Tiburon.


These are a group of reefs off the main beach in Playa Honda. They can give a small wave to play on from NE-SW wind swells. With an East wind there can be an acceleration of the wind here during midday. They are mainly lefthanders.  The reefs are not very deep so care should be taken especially at low tide.


This is a left-hand point break at the bottom of the road from Deiland commercial centre. Parking is limited so it may be best to paddle from La Concha. This wave works when there is a large NE swell. Due to the buildings it is quite sheltered. It is a rocky point but the rock is quite flat.


Again mainly working with a large NE-E swell. It is a rock platform on the left hand side of the beach, giving a small lefthander. Be careful the rocks are sharp. There can also be a right-hander on the right of the bay when the wind swell is coming from the SW.


This is a right hand point/reef break that only works with SW-W swell and SW-W wind. You can either go in at La Concha and paddle up or carry your board down from the car park at El Cable. At high tide there is a sand beach but at low tide it is only rock.

This is the end of this short tour of Lanzarote covering just some of the breaks on offer. You can find many more waves but remember check out the spot well before going in the water. Plus be courteous to other water users.


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