Puerto del Carmen


These next locations can be very useful when everywhere is too big and the wind is too strong. They mostly only get a wind swell, as we need winds from NE around to SW. When the wind drops it will leave some small waves. They work the best with a big NE swell with winds from the North, which is what we can get during June through to September. They also work with a large West swell and SW- W winds, which happens from December through to March.



This wave is a small point break, for a NE swell. Even though it is breaking on rock it finishes on a sandy beach. It can take quite strong NE winds as; the hotel shelters it. At the other end of the beach there is another point break for a West swell and SW wind. This break works at all tides.


Again this is a point break on rocks and finishes on a sandy beach. With a large NE swell and N winds you can get the most incredible mini Left-hand barrels. You would have to lie down but you would be inside. It can get up to waist high. If the wind is strong you can only surf on the inside.

Towards Los Posillos there are some reefs that work with SW-W swells and wind. This break works at all tides.


This is a group of reefs at the end of the runway, you have to go down a dirt track to reach it or paddle up from Matagorda. Due to it being outside the wind needs to be light. There are left and right hand peaks. It will work both with NE and W swells but the winds need to be from the NW-N. You have to be careful at low tide, as the reefs are very shallow.

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