Stand up Paddle boarding-S.U.P-Introduction.


Stand up paddling is an ancient form of travelling on the water. Originally done in canoe type craft. In it’s current form it has been taken from the Hawaiian form of surfing. Hoe he’e nalu.It is a fast growing sport.  At present it is taking two directions. The surf industry is developing boards both for surfing all types of waves and for long distance racing, with most of the development coming from Hawaii and it’s culture. The other direction is from the windsurf industry which is following a more recreation approach, to include flat water, lake and river use. With most of it’s development comin

g from Europe.Stand up paddle boarding is a fantastic sport which should be thought of as a sport in it’s own right, Even though it is being developed by Surfers and windsurfers which are sports that can be done by everyone. They are restricted by conditions and location. Stand up paddle boarding is truly a sport that can be done by everyone as it only needs water, from a swimming pool to the biggest waves on the planet.



In the following pages I will go through some useful tips.

Getting started

Getting the power

Steering and correction strokes


One Response to “Stand up Paddle boarding-S.U.P-Introduction.”

  1. Way to go bro! Biggest thing about this sport…super fun!

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