A day in the life of the Fanatic All Wave 9’2”

A day in the life of the  Fanatic All Wave 9’2”. (Why stay on the beach when there are small waves and light wind?

Testing is always fun especially when you wake up to a sunrise like this. The tides are very high at the moment leaving a small lagoon in the riverbed. So now it is just waiting for the tide to come up and see what the day brings.

Lunch time, No wind so SUP, let’s take the All Wave 9’2” out to take it through it’s paces.

It’s light, it’s wide, 31.5”. The balance is great plus an even bigger handle, makes it very easy to carry.

With 160L volume it is very stable. we are both on the 9’2”

You go left, I’m going right. Catching small waves is easy and a joy.

The board turns well when standing in a more forward position, especially when using the paddle.

Oh no shore break, keep the paddle in and with luck I will come off the back.

Thats better. When you are on the tail, due to the large kick tail it turns fast and tight.

But should have gone left again.

Even with that kick tail if you step forwards it has speed to make it around white water.

This board is so much fun.

The wind is picking up a little so time to get back to the club and wait for high tide, to go outside to try it with a sail.

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