A day in the life of the Fanatic All Wave 9’2” part 2

 Wow there are no people, there is a little bit of wind and a small wave, My wave. Time to close the club and head out to try the 9’2” with a sail.

I am using my new favorite, the Hero 4m. It is so light and powerful, perfect for the SUP.

Yes the board is light, the fins only touch occasionally as I take it to the water. Something to do with my size I think, we Hobbits are small.

Sailing out was so easy, it goes upwind very well and it is so stable. I was thinking it would be slow with that kick tail but no. Of cause I was not planning.

It catches waves so easily, even with so little wind, I did not have to pump to get on the wave, well maybe a little but not hard. First wave and she tracks really well, accelerates and holds her speed.

Boy this board is fun, the problem is, she goes down much faster than I do. It’s lucky that the board is so stable.

Even without any power in the sail, the board turned fast with that tail, keeping it’s speed. What will it be like with power?  Awesome.

The board just drives through the turns.

This board is just about having fun.

What a fantastic day, time to go home.

Very happy and what a new toy to play with.

 There is another article here:-


Thank you Erwan for taking the photos.

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