Fanatic Fly Air. 10’6” Testing the fun factor.


First I must thank Philippe for bringing the Fly Air with him on holiday. He placed Harness, wet suit, 3 piece paddle all in the bag and it came as normal luggage. They are a family of 3.

The board is a good weight and easy to pump up, so taking no room in the apartment in the evening. Due to the fact we had very little wind, they went exploring the island nearly every day so the board just went in the boot of the rent a car.

My first try on the board was early morning after a training session with the Fanatic fly race 12’6”. I met Philippe as I was coming back to the beach, so went for a short paddle with him. The board was surprisingly fast. Once we had gone 1.5 Km up the coast, I had to turn round to go back to open up the Club. He said try the Air.

Stepping from the race board mid ocean felt very strange, wow this board feels like you are standing on jelly. My feet were telling me this board is very unstable. Then I just started to laugh, the board is not moving. I relaxed my feet and the board is very stable. Obviously the board is not as directionally stable when paddling as the race board but once you get up to speed it is good. It was a downwinder (very light) back to the club, I had so much fun and yes the board is fast.

In the afternoon Philippe was spending a family afternoon on the beach so I had to go and have another play.

Once you get used to the fact the board flexes under your feet the board is very stable. The board is very maneuverable and once you have worked out how you can twist the board, it is amazing what you can make it do.

Normally paddling fin first is difficult but that flex really helps. Fin first take offs here I come.

I did not get a chance to try it in waves but just catching a bump I know it will catch waves very easily. Next time.

What a fantastically fun board.

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