Fanatic semi-Gun Pro Wave 9’9”, First impressions.

Fanatic Pro Wave 9’9” Semi-Gun.

We unpack the board and our mouths drop open. What a fantastic looking board.

So the specs are:- 9’9”, 28.5”, 131L.

When you first look at the board on land it seams quite big but you don’t realize how narrow it is due to the outline shape.

This board has a lot of rocker, which is normal for a semi-gun. You need to be able to use the board all along it’s length, not just off the tail.


The nose entry is very important and they have chosen a slight double concave. There is a high nose kick to prevent pearling when taking drops.


The double concave gets deeper the further back it goes until just in front of the fins and then it blends out to ‘v’ behind the center fin.

As with all the Fanatic boards, the balance is very nice carrying it down to the beach. The board is not supper light but with a gun, you need some weight for the size waves it is designed for.

I always like to test a board first on flat water or small waves to get a feel for it, to try and work out what it will do in big waves. You really don’t want to find them out when it is big.

The first thing that hits you is that this board is not so stable, at 131L this board should have more than enough volume for me. On flat water no problem but the moment you get some water movement, well the way the board moves is interesting. A true Pro board. It will only mean taking time to learn the way it moves and to not fight it. The main thing is that the tail sinks fast when stationary. A bit tricky kicking out of a wave at slow speed.


Now once this board starts to move, it just comes alive. Just a couple of strokes and the board just takes off, the acceleration surprised me, both with the paddle and when it starts to catch the wave.

The board turns so well from anywhere along the board, trimming the board is very easy. The turns feel so smooth, even on a small wave.


Now it is time to take her into the larger stuff and see how she goes. I feel that the only limit is how much guts you have to take that drop.

Thanks Ines for taking the photos

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