Fanatic SUP race on the water.

On the water the boards are very different, but so much fun.


Obviously the white Fly race (30.5”) is the most stable the bow is large, it pitches the board over the waves. If it does go under, the volume lifts it straight back up. When going down wind you have to keep the bow up.


If it touches, the board will tend to screw off to one side. This makes it very tricky. The large bow also makes it hard going across the wind, so if you are doing a down winder, it has to be directly down wind.


They still produce this lovely board in wood finish.

The red Fly Race (27.75”) went down the complete opposite route, wave piercing bow.


On flat water and small chop, I like the way the board goes through the water. It is faster upwind and because it does not pitch so much, much easier if you are slightly across the wind. The downside is that when the chop is large or there are waves, the board can go very deep. This slows you down and very wet, so you have to stand back a bit which also makes it slower.

This board is more unstable as you would expect but when up to speed you do not feel it so much.


The bow wave is quite pronounced but the stern wave has been reduced a lot due to the narrow tail.

Now going down wind with this board is interesting, if you have the courage to run it flat, it is very fast. They have sorted out the bow screwing if it touches or goes under a little but you have to be very careful it does not bury to much. If they are long shallow pitch waves it is so much fun. But if the waves are short or steep, you have to step further back. If it is like that I think the white Fly is faster.


So now the Falcon. I can see from the overall dimensions they have learnt a lot from the fly Race. First they round off the whole board, displacement, speed at slow speeds. UNSTABLE. Well, I would not call it so much, unstable, as active.


My main board has been the 30.5” wide, so my stance has been a bit wider, now with the Falcon being 25”, I will have to learn a much narrower stance. Standing in my normal stance, my feet are too much on the rail, so disrupting the balance of the board.


When I am balanced, the board rides incredibly smoothly.

This board has a progressive rocker. The forward section is relatively flat, increasing as it goes back. The paddling position is quite forwards, this rocker is great, you just stay in one position. If the wave gets big you may have to go back a little, you need to turn and surf, well go back and play.


The Falcon opens up so many new doors, it will take time to explore them.

Here is a fun video of us training on the Falcon.

I will see you soon with things I find.

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