Fanatic Fly Race 12’6” 2012. A look at the board on land.

A look at the Fly Race 2012. 12’6” x  30.5” Volume 254L

My first look at this board was amazing, lovely lines and so light but also so big.

Looking at the lines, it should be very stable but the bow entry looks very interesting and for sure will throw some surprises.  Due to the unusual volume distribution the board looks very flat but you can pick out some subtle changes in shape and rocker. You have to remember that this is a race board and the idea is to have maximum waterline length at all times, to give maximum speed. This board is not designed only as a flat water racer but also as a Down-Winder. So they must also deal with further issues like surfing the swells.

First we will have a look at the front of this board as it is one of the most important parts.

You can see that this bow is designed to displace water.

Both underneath and on the deck.

There is a lot of volume to ensure that the board if it goes underwater it will come up fast. The shape of the deck is very important as you see it has large sloping side to get rid of the water fast. Obviously this is important in waves but it plays a major roll in flat water. When there are many people the water is very choppy so water is comming over the deck all the time.

You can also see that due to the shape of the deck, where you are standing in the forward position, the deck is also angled. I find this helps to stop your feet going to sleep, which for me has always been a problem with the flat decks.

Now to have a look at the underwater shape.

Well you can see that the board is pretty flat appart from some tail kick but when you look at it closly it is quite subtle.

Well as you can see there is no nose rocker but we have a lot of underwater shaping to displace water. ‘A’ is 1m from the nose and ‘B’ is 50 cm, so you can see there is a lot happening in the first meter.

The staight edge is 1.5m long so you can see that there is a very slight rocker towards the tail plus a shallow V. ‘A’ is where you would stand maybe for surfing and ‘B’ is about where you are standing for normal paddling.

So the gradual rocker continues back to the forward edge of the fin box and then you get some tail kick. Plus there is slightly more V.

So now we have had a look at the board, the next section will be on what I found on the water.

One Response to “Fanatic Fly Race 12’6” 2012. A look at the board on land.”

  1. Have you reviewed the red carbon 27.5″ wide 2011-12 version ?

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