Wave 360º from Stephane

This maneuver is so much fun and is a must for competition.

Here he is doing it using the switch draw.

You place the blade as near to your back foot as possible with the blade parallel to the board so it is giving no power.

Then start to open the blade so you have power to turn around, carving hard. You are also letting the blade drift towards the nose of the board.

The nose of the board will go up under the lip and due to the white water you are beginning to drive the blade deep to get out of the airated water.

The board will actually stop and you take off again in reverse. You guide the blade past the front of the board.

This step is quite tricky as the board is now dropping back down the wave and you must use the paddle to gain balance. Now you must change your rail with the front foot.

You have 2 options here, you can either slide the nose round using the power in the blade or you can carve the board round.

This last shot is infact just a revert but by carving or sliding you will 360º

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