Seb gets to go exploring.

Seb had the chance to go exploring.

and this is his report.

This is somewhere in the Canaries.

You will understand (if you surf.) that i cannot give you the name of the spot or information about the place, not even on which swell direction itʼs working or whatʼs the best wind direction.

Just few pics of my friends and I on a world class wave this day….

Friends who enjoyed being in the right place at the right time.

The Canary islands are still to be discovered, if you observe, listen and be patient.

It was a 19ʼ period swell and the reef was close enough to remind us how weak we


Hope you will enjoy.


Thanks Seb for the report.



One Response to “Seb gets to go exploring.”

  1. i think i know where it is!!

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