Analysis Corner. A Cutback.

This is where I will go through a Maneuver and give some suggestions for improvement.

I will start with a cut back from me.

I have come out of the bottom turn with good speed but I have not gone far enough and vertical. The weight is nicely over the center of the board to transfer to the cut back.

The start of the cut back is good, dropping my weight back and commanding the board with my back foot.

Now it starts to go wrong. I have closed my shoulders which has closed the sail. luckily I have transfered my weight onto the front foot which is helping to power the board round.

The board had enough speed to continue round enough to get power into the sail again to hold me up but my speed has gone, so I have to get my weight as far forward as possible to get back onto the wave.

As you see I did get back onto the wave but to late and end of ride. What a lip to miss!!!!!!!!!

Here you see if I had kept my shoulders open the sail stays open.

So when I transfer the power into the front foot it drives the board round harder and I come out with a lot more speed.

If you are lucky enough to have some sequences of maneuvers you can send them to me and I can see if I can help.

Photo size 1024 pixels wide please.

Send to

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