A top turn from Tom

I like this sequence from Tom as it shows the correction needed within the top turn.

When good sailors realize a mistake they can normally correct it straight away and save the maneuver and go into the next one.

The first thing to notice from the board track is that as he comes out of the bottom turn he tightens the turn just before the lip to get as vertical as possible. This also makes it easier to transfer onto the other rail.

I think he was expecting to get more of a kick from the lip but it did not happen. He ends up with the sail to closed and to much pressure on the nose.

So by opening the sail which automatically opens the hips, he can command the board with the back foot, which lifts the nose and drive the board around with the front foot.

Notice he now has power from the board and the sail, which is bringing him more over the center of the board, ready to go into the next bottom turn.

Again he is doing this little kick with his back foot before changing rail. The rig and his upper body is already going into the bottom turn but he is using this little flip to change rail.

He is on the Fanatic Quad 79L which has a very deep double concave so it is important to use this technique to make sure the board does not go flat. If it does it will stick.

Thanks Tom for the demo.

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