Back loop from Noah.

Here is a back loop from Noah. His mistakes are common so it is a good one to start with.

The line up and take off is good, the sail slightly open so the board drifts towards the wind.

Now Noah will have to learn to straighten his front leg at the top of the jump.

He forgets to sheet in the sail and keep it back as he looks over his shoulder.

More like this one from Erwan.

Even though he made the mistake he could have corrected a little coming into land by straightening his front leg and tucking his back leg under his but.

You see here Erwan has the sail to much open but he lands due to his leg position.

Keep going for it Noah.


Here is a fun video of some pretty high jumps:-


2 Responses to “Back loop from Noah.”

  1. Hey mr. Wavehobbit, really Nice site. The ” noah” loop is just how i have been looping the last 2 years. Never landed. Tips are very usefull. I Will try once the wind Goes on again here in holland.

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