Fanatic Gecko 120. 2013

The Gecko is a true Free move board and great fun.

At 239 cm long and 77 cm wide it has a lovely fun egg outline. It will be very user friendly, especially with that nice flat deck.

The shaping is very simple, the rocker is quite flat with a nice nose entry. Plus a slight V throughout. The rails are thin compared to similar width free ride boards. It comes with a 39 cm fin, which you would think would be way to small for the width. So the design concept will be similar to the freestyle boards, planing off the hull, not the fin.

The first testing was done with a 6.2m sail and the straps in the inboard free move position. As thought the board is very stable making it simple to go into the straps as the board picks up speed, it planes so early.

With the thin rails and outline shape, the board is so maneuverable, making gybing easy and fun.

The wind was very light but I next wanted to give it a different test. Back strap in the center position, 24 cm freestyle fin and 4.2m Idol.

Will it be good for children and women?


Even with such a small fin it felt great. The board is so friendly it is easy to sail with the back foot out of the strap. Excellent for those learning foot straps.

My next question was, can it be used as a light wind freestyle trainer?

The width and the flat deck make it easy to learn, heli tacks, upwind 360º, duck tacks, well in fact anything. The volume is well placed to learn in the strap moves as well but it would be nice to be able to have the front straps a little bit more inside.

What a great board you have to get on one and try it for yourself.

2 Responses to “Fanatic Gecko 120. 2013”

  1. I played with this board in Lake Garda in the summer. Great board, gets going quicker than a shark 150 (the gecko 130 that is) and is good fun for light wind freestyle. And the gybing is stunning, probably the best board for learning to carve gybe I have ever tried.

  2. After reading this blog i decided to take the plunge and get one if these bad boys. Found a 2 month old one on ebay, so I jumped in my car and raced over to collect it.
    Just had my first outing on my gecko 120. Wasn’t a windy day, bit choppy so I thought instead of rigging big, I’d go out on 5.7 freestyle sail and just mess about and get a feel for it. Im 45, unfit and weigh 92kilos so I wasn’t going to break any speed records 🙂
    It was set up with 3 straps, so I was concerned about the way the back foot would feel – I would have added the fourth strap but as there was no real wind forecast, straps weren’t my main concern.

    Anyway, as luck would have it, the wind did actually blow up for about 1/2 hour just enough time to really use the board.

    Oh mumma its good, my god it’s good. It planes so fast – much faster than my starboard carve 141, and gybes on a sixpence, much like a wave board. The amazing thing for me was the way it jumped… it literally flew off the waves and floated through the air. It must be the width of the thing, or the lightness, but whatever it is, it’s bl00dy great.
    I could speed tack it, gybe it, and even when it span out, it was instantly recoverable.

    If anyone is contemplating one – buy it!

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