Fanatic Quad Test 2011- V- 2012 Part 1

So finally my Quad 2012 has arrived.

At the Club we have the 81L and I have the 75L.

As always we will look at what has changed in the shape.

Well you can see that they are 2 very different boards. The first thing you notice when you pick them up, the 2012 is much lighter.

This is mainly due to the lighter paint job and the new fin boxes. I will go into them later.

The balance point of the board is the same, balancing on the front foot strap which is great.

Now the photo of the outline of the board is of the 2012 81 L but here are the size details  of the 86L 2011 and the 87L 2012.

2011                                       2012

length 228 cm                              228 cm

width  57.5 cm                               58.5 cm

You can see from the measurements that the 2012 is 1 cm wider but when you look at the tails, the 2012 is much smaller. I liked the 2011 board a lot but you did have to drive with your back foot a lot, due to the squash tail. The 2012 should be easier but you still have to remember you have a lot of fin on the rail so you will still be driving with your back foot.

Now lets look at the rocker to see how that has changed,

Again very different, the 2012 has a much flatter rocker so it will be faster. This should make the board plane earlier but where I expect to feel a difference is the bottom turn, it should be faster. They have also taken out the tail kick. Where you will feel the difference is in the cut back. I will have to wait until I have a chance to sail it to find out.

So the last thing to look at is how they have changed the under water shaping.

My initial thought before taking the photos was that there was less double concave but when you look closely it is not the case. Again we start where I have the mast foot, then front foot strap, in front of the fin, then behind.

Under the mast foot and front strap they have placed more double concave but around the fins less. This is going to be very interesting, so lets see when I get her into the water.

I love the new fin boxes, you have so much adjustment you can do. You see that on my 75L I have placed them as close together as I can to start the test and on the 81L for the club as far apart as I can. The system is so easy to use and to adjust. This part of the test will be so much fun but will take time, as you can use all the fins in all the boxes.

So now I am just waiting for the jellyfish to go and conditions to get on the water.

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