Part 2- on the water with the 2012 Quad.

We get some conditions, so it was onto the water with my 75L Quad in fact, with the 4.m North Hero.

Any of you that know Las Cucharas will remember that we have a tricky sail out to the waves with very little wind.

As you have seen from the pictures before, I have set my fins as close together as they will go, I have placed the foot straps as far forwards as possible and the mast foot as far back as possible.

The board has a very nice balance when sailing not planning, with your front foot just beside the mast foot or just behind. This is very useful as there is not much board in front of the mast foot.

I said this board should plane early and fast, well I was not expecting what I found. It flies. The ride is so smooth and as I like, very nervous. It just skips across the chop, very light on your feet. The feeling is so great that I decide to line up for a jumping session first.

The board is so light on your feet you just don’t feel it. With such acceleration hight is what you get. So everything has to be stalled, you seam to wait for so long before you go into rotation. Unless, of cause you want to do doubles. The rotation is so fast on the forwards.

So now for some riding.

As you can imagine from what I have mentioned already the bottom turn is fast and very smooth. I was expecting more pressure on the back foot but in fact directly after you have angled the board, you are forwards and driving off the front foot. The tail is so small it is easy to get it to dig in. The fins in the position I have them give enough bite but not so much lift, so again no need for so much back foot pressure.

The transfer from bottom turn to cut back is very smooth. On the 2011 board, due to the deep double concave in the mid section you had to bounce it over. That section in 2012 has much less concave so the transition is much smoother.

The power you can generate from the top turn is great.

I hope my next session will be with slower waves so I can really find out how she turns tight in the pocket. This is where it will be interesting to see the difference between wide tail and small.

So see you after my next sessions, with some more findings, I hope in slow waves.

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