Fanatic Quad 86L-v-Twin 86L-v-Single 83L

Why have 3 different wave boards?

I am not on the design team so I will not go into design ideas or explain why each board is different technically. I will just try to find out how the boards sail differently and give an insight into why. To try and help you decide which one to use or buy.


The boards I will test are The New Wave Single fin 83l, New Wave Twin 86l and the Quad 86l.

The New Wave Single  83L (yellow) length: 236 cm, width: 57 cm weight: 7.3 kg

The New Wave Twin  86L (blue) length: 234 cm, width:57.5 cm weight: 7.8 kg.

The New Wave Quad 86L (pink) length: 228 cm, width: 57.5 cm weight: 8.2 kg.

The first thing I look at is the rocker line to give me an idea of how fast the board will be and how it will turn. You can see by the first picture they have very different rockers.

My next interest is the shape under the front foot strap as this is where the drive will be out of the turns. See the second picture shows the shape there.

The next place I look is what is happening under the mast foot, is it for lift to get onto the plain or is it to add drive out of the turn. So have a look at picture 3.


Now for the command foot, what is happening right under the back foot in front of the fins. How radical am I going to have to be to change rails. Look at picture 4

So the last place to look is the tail. How snappy will it be? Tail kick, V, concave, it all gives an idea. Have a look at picture 5.

So with some ideas to look for it is time to go onto the water and find out.

I know the Quad and the Single so the first board I will try is the twin. I must learn what it does before I can truly do the test comparison.

The Twin 86L is one sexy board, that was great fun and so easy to sail. It planes early and turns on the wave really nicely.

Now it’s time for the hard part, to find the reasons to have each board.

Lets get these babies down to the beach and start this fun session. Carrying the boards down you really notice the different weight balance. The single fin has a traditional balance mid way between the mast foot and the front foot strap, the twin has it just in front of the front foot strap and the quad directly on the front foot strap, interesting.

Now I have set up the boards the way I always set up my wave boards, for turning. Mast foot as far back as it will go, Front foot strap as far forward as possible and the back foot strap on the leading edge of the fin. Plus  the fins as far froward as they will go

All of the boards are great fun, they work but what is there key point?

The single fin has the flattest rocker and the least amount of double concave on the bottom which will explain it’s riding position. It needs to be well powered up. I expected it to be the fastest board on test with that flat rocker but I felt it wasn’t. This board loves to take stupid drop ins, big waves, long fast turns. When you are in big waves that bottom turn is soooooo long. Due to it’s weight balance this board copes the best with any chop on the wave, which is what you can get when it gets big. For me this is a true Hookipa style board.

What makes this twin fin work? My first surprise was I felt this board was the fastest. It gets onto the plane really early, there must be something in the shape and rocker between the mast foot and front strap. Due to it’s speed, this board is for fast waves. I do not mean big as this board also loves to turn. A true down the line board where you need to do tight turns as the wave slows down then shoot down the line as it gets faster.

Now look at the quad, there is nothing subtle about this board. Radicle rocker, tail kick, deep double concave, this board has to turn! Now it would not surprise you to find that this is the slowest board in a straight line but boy it is definitely the fastest in the turn. You must not put this board flat. So for the average sailor this board is for slow waves and not too big. As you get used to the tight turn and the very fast change from rail to rail you can generate so much speed down the line,  you can go in faster waves. This board is only for the fit or I must say, you will get fit!

One Response to “Fanatic Quad 86L-v-Twin 86L-v-Single 83L”

  1. Tanks for the test. Wich board will be better in on-shore european (little waves, strong current) condition?

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