Fanatic Quad or Tri-Wave. 2013.

Time to test the Fanatic 94L Quad and the Fanatic 93L Tri-Wave.


Two very different boards, just great in the waves.


You all know I love my Quad, so why have a Tri-Wave as well?


Measurements:- Quad 94L, 229 cm X 60.5 cm. Tri-Wave 93L, 236 cm X 59.5 cm


The Quad has a short , wide compact shape. Where as the Tri is more stretched out, a little longer and thinner.


The nose and the tail on the Quad is also wider.


Due to the Quad being very short it can have less tail kick, but it also needs a little bit more nose scoop.


Now the concave is where you see a big difference. 1.) is under the mast foot. 2.) is under the front foot strap. 3.) is just in front of the fins. The Quad has a much deeper double concave, especially under the front foot strap.


The Tri-Wave has slightly deeper double concave in front of the fins.


The weight balance point is directly on the front foot strap on both boards. This makes the boards feel very light in the air, even though you can not call them light boards. In fact you don’t feel the board in jumps.

The Tri-Wave due to it’s longer length and shallower concave, makes it less technical to sail. So much easier and less physical.


The optimal carve circle is quite long, so it likes larger waves or fast waves.

The Quad on the other hand, due to the deep concave is very physical. The harder you drive the board, the tighter she will turn, still coming out accelerating. Slow waves are perfect where you like to stay in the pocket.

 These boards are high volume, but they turn so well, even for me at 56Kg.

So the conclusion!

Quad for tight powerful turns, Radical jumps but not for general sailing. To physical.

Tri-Wave for fast waves and long carving turns, remember you can also run it as a single.

On both boards the fins are to big for me I would run much smaller. On the Quad I prefer the fins from the 69L making the fins nearly the same size. The same with the Tri-Wave, I use a a center fin just a little bigger than the side bites, Making it a True Tri-fin.

I will add photos from the Quad when I get them, Today I did not get the photos I need. 75L Quad 3.7m totally overpowered, fast  waves, time for 72L Tri-Wave.

For me it is still Quad, I like slow waves and power surfing.

2 Responses to “Fanatic Quad or Tri-Wave. 2013.”

  1. Hi WH,first what a fantastic site you definitely have the passion!.I have a question ,i have a 86l triwave that i find a little stiff to turn.Can you suggest alt fins for me to try,perhaps Maui X or as you mentioned try make the board a thruster.I sail marginal cross on in eastern Australia.(82 kgs).I did try a 2010 fanatic quad that was phenomenal but in very powered up conditions.Once again great informative articles thanks for taking the time to put them up.

    • Hi Alex.
      I am very sorry for my late reply and not approving your question but I needed time to think and try some things out.
      This is my busiest time of the year, hence you will notice not many new articles.
      This board is a small board for your weight unless you are really powered up
      First if you have one of the early ones the side fins fill the box completely so cut them down so you can adjust the position.
      The optimum foot strap position for making a board loose is the front foot strap as close to the mast foot as possible and a wide stance. So mast foot back and Front foot strap completely forward. If you are on too little volume this does not work.
      I use high volume boards for my weight so I can get this position, plus have the center fin as far forward as possible and the side fins as far back as possible.
      When you are finding it hard to plane then you have to spread the fins, this then will mean you will have to work more back foot pressure at the start of the turn. You then have to use more power from the sail to pull you forwards, to drive from the front foot.
      It is funny, my favorite size in the Tri is the 93L, then the 79L.
      I hope this helps.
      The fins on the Tri wave are very soft, which personally I do not like. So I use a much stiffer smaller center fin, to get drive. Plus I like the Quad fins better, so use these as the side fins.

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