Fin set up on my Multi Fin board.

With the different types of boards and riding styles, it becomes important to select the right fins for the job.

This year I am using the Fanatic Free Wave 86L and Maui Ultra Fins. Spending a year just using 1 board, plus I am lucky as I also only use one sail. My 3.7m Extreme Zero.

This means I can really feel the difference when I change fins.


So my first decision was which center fin to use?

I am limited on the Free Wave as it is a power box, so no adjustment front and back and the box is quite near the back of the board. Due to this I like a quite upright fin but I do not like a soft tip. The x-type fin fits, so which one? I also like a fast fin with not so much lift, Ok. The X-Twin as it has a thiner profile.


Liking small fins, this fits the bill perfectly. The 18.5 cm is the largest X-Twin, if you need bigger you would go for the X-Wave.  The board is fast and responsive. Wave or Freestyle is fun. You do have to be delicate with your back foot, making sure you use the rail in the turns. In single fin the board is faster and gets onto the plane earlier.

The next set up is adding the side fins. This gives you that added grip in the turns, so you can push harder. Remember the side fins do slow the board down a little.


Keeping the 18.5 cm X-Twin I add the 9 cm Quad fins. This gives me incredible up wind ability, great if there is a strong current where getting back up to the peak is hard work. This is also great when doing long fast turns on big waves where you are doing full body commitment. I position the side fins back to keep the board loose but if you need more directional stability, you place them further forwards.

Now on to my favorite combination.


16.5 X-Twin with 9 cm Quad.

As always I run the side fins at the back to give me that loose feel and tight turns. Being light and on quite high volume it is important for me to not get to much lift from the fins in the turns. Having the smaller center fin means I need less back foot pressure to command the board at higher speed and the board is very loose. If I am needing to do slightly longer turns on the wave, I will place the side fins further forwards but I always seam to choose waves where I can keep tight.

Now onto my light wind small wave fun mode.


14.5 cm center with 10 cm side………… Skateboard style.

This is FUN.

Yes if the board is flat, you get plenty of slide. Having slightly bigger side fins I still get the drive in the turns when the rail is right in the water. But when you start to flatten the board the tail is incredibly loose. Your body position is more forwards as you need very little back foot command to angle the board. Rotation is the only word.

So think about what you would like your board to do and go out and get a variety of fins. Play around and have a lot of fun.

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