Ducking the sail in maneuvers:- The duck gybe.

In this section I would like to take a look at the various ways we duck the sail in maneuvers.

I will start with the first one you normally learn.

The duck gybe.

There are many variations to the duck gybe but with this one I am showing more just the duck of the sail.

Sailing a short board we are always sailing up wind, so with all maneuvers we must come into our start position.

As you turn into half wind (a reach), you bring your self over the center of the board and allow the rig to go forwards and upright. The board will accelerate while you bring your back foot out of the strap.

It is a carving move the same as a carve gybe. The difference is the hand positions through the gybe. The aim is to get your hands as far back as possible with only one movement. So as you go into the turn your front hand should be touching the harness lines and the back hand as far back as you can. This will allow you to get the rig further forward and sheet the sail in more at the beginning of the turn, giving you more speed. You allow the rig to pull forwards and let go with your front had and place it as far back on the boom as possible, letting go with your back hand.

Now the next stage is very important as you must place your new front hand directly on the center of effort of the sail on the new side. So you must pull the mast back up fast. In this shot you can see that in fact I let go  completely due to the fact I did not have my hand far enough back to be able to reach the new side.

I tend to use this method anyway as for most of the other ducks we will look at you do let go.

In the sequence you will notice that I in fact changed my mind and leveled the board off rather than gybing to go into a freestyle move

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