Hey Noah can I have an interview? SUP test.

I know I am your trainer BUT, how about an interview? Now you are a team rider.

TWH ( Thewavehobbit) :-  You have been surfing with the team these last days, How was it?


N (Noah Vocker) :- It was great, I learnt so much being with them and they made me feel like part of the team.

TWH :- They are all racers, So what do you think about the Fanatic race boards? and how much training do you think you will have to do to go with them?


N :- Coming from waves I find the race board really fast and stable. I think I will have to train a lot to be able to go with them.

TWH :- They all had different boards and I noticed you had a go on all of them. Was that fun?

N :- Having the opportunity to try so many boards was fantastic. Changing from one board to the other in the same session was interesting.


TWH :- You started on the All Wave 9’2”, I know that is big for you but boy you can through it around? Looked Fun.

N :- The 9’2” for me felt as stable as the race board but it is really loose. The take off is hot, it just slides until I get enough speed to get the rail to bite. Maybe it’s because I am so light.

TWH :- Fred had his 2011 Fly 9′ with him and I saw you had a go on that. What did you think?

N :- I really liked it. For a 9′ the top turn it was easy to control in the larger waves. The drive in the turns was supper smooth.

TWH :- The 8’10” Pro wave looked fun as well, but still big, No?

N :-  No it is not so big especially compared to the 9’2”, the tail is so thin. You have the take off of a large board but the surfing of a smaller board.

TWH :- How did you Get the 8’6”? It was never on the beach.

N :- Fred and Belar were asleep on the beach, Olivia wanted to test the 8’10’ so I could take her board. YES!!!!! It is the smallest board I have tried and wow. It’s just a turning machine.

TWH :- So a little bird tells me you will get the NEW Pro Wave 8’2”. What do you think?

N :- OOOOOh That will be hard training on that board BUT For sure it will take my SUPing to a new World.

TWH :- And finally the team will come out to test the New Pro Wave 9’9” semi Gun. Will you try to get a go on that as well?

N :- OH YES. It will be a long wait for them to have a rest but when they sleep I’m out there. The narrow tail looks like even I can use the board.

Thanks Noah.

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