Tom on the Spock 540 one handed.

Here is a sequence of Tom doing a Spock 540 one handed.

He makes it look so easy, It is all about keeping everything in balance.

Just as you jump you must bring the must across towards the wind to start the board turning down wind, then let go with your back hand immediately.

It important to stay small while the board is in the air. The legs come up under your but.

Try to start the hand change as early as possible. As you must allow the tail of the board to pivot around the sail.

You will notice that the body travels through the air in a straight line. This makes sure that you stay over the center line of the board.

Also notice how far forwards Tom is leaning and the sail nicely in neutral.

It is important to place your back hand directly on the balance point of the sail, so on the harness lines.

Place your weight on your heels and the board will start to carve round.

Once the sail engages the nose will continue to slide round

Notice that you always stay over the centerline of the board in balance.

Now it is just a case of changing your feet.


Come on the Lanzarote clinic to learn more.

May 30th to 11th June.


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