Leon on how to back loop

Leon goes through the back loop

Get as much speed as possible and find the steepest part of the wave and take off at 45º to the wind.

Go for the highest jump you can, not closing the sail to much.

Leaving the sail open a bit will make you drift towards the wind.

Once you get to the top of the jump and feel you are coming down, close the sail, straighten your front leg and tuck your back leg under your but.

Look over your front shoulder and look for where you want to land.

Make sure you do not open the sail.

Notice you are rotating horizontally at this stage and encouraging the board to come round.

As the board comes round it will go into a serious nose dive. Keep your back leg under your but and the sail closed.

Now as the nose touches, extend the back leg and open the sail.

Touch down and hold on like hell and claim another one.


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