How to prepare and learn a Back Loop

The back loop is still one of the highest scoring jumps as it is so hard to land consistently.

Where as the Forward loop is simple as it is purely technique, the back loop is all about feeling.

However there are certain parts of the loop that we can work on separately.

First you must be able to sail fast and do a high jump.

Look for the steepest part of the wave and just do a high jump. Look and feel the top of the jump and float down softly.

Sheeting in just as you land to make the landing very soft. It is very important to find the top of the jump and know when you are coming down.

Now to do a back loop you must take off at 45º to the wind. the biggest mistake people make is jumping to close to the wind and making the jump to flat. So just practice taking off at 45º and going vertical.

The next step is to find the drift towards the wind on the way up.

Now you can see by these next photos, if you keep the sail a little bit open and to the side, the board will drift towards the wind.

So we can practice this, let the board drift on the way up and then put the sail across like in a forward on the way down to bring the board back and land softly.

This can be very useful as some times once you have reached the top of the jump you decide that you do not like it, so you just bring it back.

It’s far better than just saying NO WAY and get off.

It is amazing how far round you can drift and still bring it back.

This next set of photos show a flatter softer way to rotate for your first attempts.

So you let the board go up and let it drift around as far as you can.

Once you feel that the board is coming down you bring the sail back and tuck the boom into your hip. Once the board starts turning look over your shoulder to spot your landing.

You can see that the sail is in fact in complete neutral to the true wind as the board is turning with the wind made by coming down.

Remember a back loop is only a 180º rotation in the air.

This form of back loop always means that where ever you rotate to you get a soft landing.

It is not as radical as the vertical back loop but it is the type of rotation you do with the flat water back loop. For flat water the technique is a little different but the result is the same.

Now what is the difference with the more vertical rotation.

Well it is more to do with the wave you hit and what it does.

As you get more confidence you will be hitting the wave with more speed and where the wave is more vertical. This means that you will go more vertical with less forward momentum.

It is very important to wait until the top of the jump and you are coming down before you do anything.

As you will be dropping faster, you will have to be a lot more delicate with your rig movements.

It is important to make sure you sheet in before you look over your shoulder to watch the rotation.

You are steering more by moving the rig backwards or forwards to control the rotation. As you start the rotation more vertical you are going to have to physically bring the rig under you as you come down.

With this style of back loop you are coming into land much faster, so it very important to spot your landing and keep the rig closed. Be ready to open your sail very fast on landing and don’t be surprised if you go right under water.

Go and claim your first Back loop and have fun.

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  1. The best sensation in the air!!! you will fly..

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