The most important thing is to, relax and plan what you are going to do.

There are many reasons why you may have to pack up your material. The obvious ones are, when you break material or the wind stops.

So this first section is, HOW TO PACK UP YOUR MATERIAL.


The first thing to do, prepare your safety line and loop it through your harness. This gives you time to rest and plan. You may have been washed by the whole set and have swam a long way to get your material, which is sitting off the reef, happily waiting for you. Something is broken so time to pack up and get yourself home.


Through out this system, everything is always attached to the board. You are not, as you may need to dive again when another set comes.

So step 2, undo the out haul.

I like to always work around the board, so there is less swimming. You just pass yourself around it.


Take the boom head off, rotate it so it is flat. Pass it down the mast and place it on the board.


Reduce the boom to its smallest length and attach the outhaul to the back foot strap, tight.


Take the downhaul off and then tie the end back onto the bottom of the sail. Now take the mast off the extension, be careful as it will spring up.


This is one of the tricky parts, it is great if you can keep the mast up over the board. Take the up haul off the bottom of the mast and wrap it around the board and put it over the extension.


Take the mast out of the sail. I like to try and keep the 2 halves together, it means less work. Place the top through 1 forward foot strap and the bottom through the other. Lift the front of the boom and place the sections under it, the mast parts are now secure.

NOTE! if there are any broken parts…………… Throw them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carbon splinters are not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now go around and find the head of the sail and roll it up, because it is attached to the board there is tension. Much easier to roll it up tight. Place it on the board and go around to secure the sail to the board.


Take the up haul off the mast extension and roll the sail onto it to keep it down. Place it over the sail and and lift the back of the sail onto the masts or centre of the board. Clip the elastic of the up haul over the boom head. Now the front is well and truly fixed.

( A complication can now happen if you do not have a safety line, as you will have to take off the mast foot and extension to use for the next part.)


Now go to just behind the front foot straps, attach your safety line to the boom, wrap it around the board, everything. Tie it up tight. ( If you do not have a safety line this is where you would have to have thought a bit before as you will need to take off the mast foot and extension, to use it to tie everything down to the front foot straps.


Now ever thing is secure and you can paddle home, have someone tow you or you are ready for  the rescue boat. Just remember you have a harness on! Slide it around the back or just un clip the hook, if you have quick release.

PRACTISE THIS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN, the time you need it, is not the time you need to learn it.

Should only take 3 to 4 minutes.

Take a look at the video. It shows it in a different perspective.

Have fun learning this and see you in the next section.

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