There are times that it would be useful to make a more stable platform, so you can make a raft out of your rig.


It is very hard to spot people or equipment in the water but it can be hard to sit on your board to be visible or give the rescue sign. You may be in a situation that you must wait to be rescued or found. If you are sat on top of your rig, it is easier to spot you from a plane or helicopter. I hope this never happens to any of you.


1./2.) The rig must be placed so the back of the boom is at the back of the board. (If you are using a larger sail or sail with your boom at the bottom of the pocket, move the boom up to the top of the pocket.)

3.) Take the rig off the board.


4.) Ties the up haul to a foot strap.

5.) Take the mast foot of the board and place it on the extension.

6.) Untie the up haul. This is a tricky part as the rig and board are now separated.


7.) Place the board under the sail, above the boom. ( It is easier to slide the board under the sail from the back of the boom but you must be very careful with the nose of the board. I prefer to push the back of the board under from the front of the boom. the sail is protected by the foot straps.)

8.) Wrap the up haul around the board and tie it off on the boom.

9.) Take your rescue line and tie it onto the back of the boom.


10.) Wrap the rescue line around the board and tie the back of the boom close to the board.

11.) Un clip your harness hook or turn the harness around to the back.

12.) Slide yourself onto the rig from the back of the board.

If I have time to construct this, I find it useful if some one is injured and we must wait for a boat. Placing both sets of equipment like this and sliding them together makes a very stable raft.

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