On the water FUN

I still do not have the photos I would like but it’s time to get this part published.

Thanks all for viewing the onland review and I will place the photos of on the water when I can.


These boards are great and very easy to use.

As always I have the boards set up with the mast foot back and the front foot strap as far forward as possible. The fins as close together as possible in the tri fin mode. In single fin as far forward as possible. My interest is having the boards loose.

The stability is very good and it is simple to find the balance point on the boards not planning.

When you get your front foot in the strap, both boards plane very early. The riding position is flat, with the only part of the board touching the water is just behind the mastfoot back. They both have a very nice entry rocker encouraging the board to ride there.

Now this is where the similarity dissapears.

The ‘V’ concave under the mast foot realy gives a very smooth ride on the Free Wave. In choppy conditions, you realy do not feel the chop. It feels a bit strange at first as you think you are not going fast, far from it you are flying.

The Tri Wave is more conventional and you have a much livlier ride, so pilot control is more important.

Both of these boards turn……….. of cause they do, but I mean TURN.


The Tri Wave is a tri fin dream. Fast, grippy, easy back foot comand with lots of front foot drive. This board likes speed, so if the wave is a bit soft or small, it becomes a bit technical.

The Free Wave, well remember that deep ‘V’ concave I found at the back of the side fin boxes. It is very special! I LOVE it. Each time I go out I am finding new ways to use it. You can generate so much speed from it. It makes the turns very smooth, especially at slower entry speeds.

Now for the fin set up. Tri fin or single? Well it is obvious in single fin the boards will be faster and plane earlier. So.

In the Tri Wave I really do not know why you would go single and looze that grip you get when you turn tight, the board is fast enough. If you are using the board for just crusing around then maybe yes or the wave is increadibly big and lots of chop.

The interesting thing is I found the fins perfect for me which is a bit unusual. Normally I must use smaller than provided, which makes me think some people may need to use a larger center fin.

Now The Free Wave.

Well this board is made for playing games. In single fin, I use my 16 cm freestyle fin, well it is style in waves and flat. It surprised me it is not much slower than the Skate, for those just starting freestyle this could be a good option.

In tri fin I do use a smaller center fin, one of my customs that is situated further forward, Awsome. As I said play games with the fins and it just works.

So the conclusion.


Well I think you have guessed my choice, But if you want a dedicated tri fin wave board go for the Tri Wave. But you will need more boards. I have chosen the Free Wave because this year I go with just one board, Fanatic have given me this fantastic option.

And here is the reason why.

In the waves https://vimeo.com/85156985

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