Fanatic Quad 82L 2014.


For 3 years now I have been sailing the Quad and have enjoyed the development. My first look at this board got me very excited and just had to get the measure out to check the changes.


They are very different.

2014. Quad 82L. 57.5 cm wide, 227 cm long.

2013. Quad 81L. 56.5 cm wide, 227 cm long.


They have made the 2014 quad 1 cm wider, taking the widest point further forwards. This will help with making the board more stable and because it is very short and earlier planning.


You will also notice that they have made the tail a squash tail. This has straightened out the rail and will make it faster and more stable in longer turns.

So we must look at the rocker to find out the changes they have made to still keep that tight turning magic of the quad.


Ah, they have brought back more tail kick. So this means the more back foot command you give, the higher the reward. But something else seams different. Tape measure comes out and yes, they have moved the fin boxes 1/2 cm further forwards and they have made the board 1/2 cm wider at the front of the back fin box.


Again this suggests it will like back foot command. Where will we get the front foot drive come from?


Look at the overall rocker. In 2014 it is more progressive. Something else must have changed. Back foot strap is 3 cm further back, are and front strap 2 cm further back. Interesting, so I must check the mast track. Yes, 2 cm further back. Now that is another reason for the wider tail. This board is going to be very lively.


With out even checking this you immediately see that the 2014 board has very subtle concave. ‘A’ is at the mast foot and ‘B’ is the front foot strap. The deep concave on the 2013 board gave the board a lot of drive, keeping the board on the water. Some people felt that the board was sticky but in fact no. It is very fast and smooth but not nervous. Now the 2014 will be nervous.


One of the biggest changes I see, is the nose. 40 cm from the nose they have made it 2 cm wider. Now that is a lot. The 2013 quad you had to be very careful digging in the nose when starting planning. Sudden gusts sometimes could be tricky. The wider nose on the 2014 quad will help lift the nose earlier, plus the mast foot being further back. That wider nose and wide point being further forward is going to make this board a jump and aerial machine.

Now lets see it on the water.


This board flies!

Now as always I set up the board in my favorite setup. Fins as close together as possible, Front foot strap as far forward as possible and mast foot right back.


The subtle concave has brought back that lively feel I love. This board just skips across the water, feeling very light. Just command the board and off she goes.


Drive it hard and the smile is hugh.


The pop/jump of this board is so much fun. You just want to be in the air. The wider nose boosts you off any ramp and makes landing back loops a dream. The settings being that little bit further back, makes rotation and control much easier.


Now the wider tail and larger spread of your feet, I will have to adjust my style a bit or go smaller volume. Another surprise.


On the previous quads I felt you needed to be on a little bit more volume, so the 82L should be fine but it felt big. For me a great light wind volume. So rather than using a 75L quad this year as my go to board I will drop down to 69L.

Even though they have made the front fins smaller for 2014, as usual I find all of them to big. But that is not a problem, I will just put smaller ones in.


Make sure you go and test this board.

Thanks Noah for letting me test your new toy. Can I have a go on the Tri Wave next.

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