Fanatic Skate 85. 2014.

Every year they manage to tweak the design of the Skate and make it that much better.

For 2014 they went a step further and brought out 4 sizes, 111L, 101L, 93L and the 85L.

The Skate has a pedigree, so lets see what they have changed.


For 2013 the 89L was the smallest Skate, for 2014 it is 85L. They have kept the length the same but it is 1/2 cm narrower at 60 cm. You will notice the nose and tail are fuller and rounder. This makes the rails straighter. They are going for more speed.


The scoop/rocker is a proven design so I would not expect any change, maybe just very fine tuning. Not enough to see or measure. So the changes will be somewhere else.


To me the nose looks much wider but in fact, 40 cm from the nose it is only 1/2 a cm wider. So with the board being 1/2 cm narrower, it is optical. The rounder nose will help with slide rotation.

Now lets have a look at the tail.


Again slightly rounder, wider and thicker. In 2013 it was 4 cm and 2014,  5 cm, that is a large % difference. So there has to be a position change, the fin looks further back. 2013 the front of the fin box is 28 cm from tail and the width is 36.5 cm. 2014 the front of the fin box is 25.5 cm, wow and the width is 37 cm, much wider tail.

This board is designed for you to be on the back. Now to check the straps. Yes.

2013, back screw of back strap is 26.5 cm from tail. 22 cm on the 2014. 4.5 cm further back. Interesting as the fin box is only 2.5 cm further back, so the back foot is directly over the fin. Ah that is why they changed the box to a slot box. The fin is small @17.5 cm so this board is going to be a bit more technical to sail.

Where is the front foot strap? Back screw on 2013, 80 cm from tail. 2014, 80 cm.  They have made the spread between the foot straps larger.

A very different setup. I like the positioning very much and I am excited to get on the water, but lets finally check the bottom shape.


The changes are very subtle but with a board like this, I know they will make a large difference. Overall they have made the power ‘V’ shallower.

We will start at the nose 40 cm from the nose in ‘A’ Less ‘V’

‘B’ is where the mast foot is, in 2013 I call this a rounded ‘V’. For 2014 it is ‘V’ but very slight.

‘C’, front foot strap and the same as ‘B’. It is looking like for 2014 the ‘V’ is getting a little bit more pronounced.

‘D’ is the front of the fin box.

The 2014 board is going to be very fast and with the ‘V’, the change of angle when sliding very efficient.

Now it is time to get this board on the water. Can’t wait!


I am not a freetyler but the 89L skate has been my most used board for 2 years. It is so much fun in all conditions.

Earlier I said the Skate has a pedigree, for 2014 it is a Thoroughbred World Champion. WOW. It is so directionally stable and feels very crisp, stiff but loose at the same time.


The balance of the board is nice and friendly, making it easy to get your front foot into the strap early. It is what we know and love about the Skates. In 2013 this is just what you did and the board just took off but for 2014 it did not quite release. So I must find out what change in stance I must do. The back foot strap is a long way back, but the moment I place the back foot in, the board just took off. The acceleration is unbelievable.


So yes the drive is through the front foot but your back foot must also be driving forwards. The rig must be kept more upright and you must  have zero lean back. This means if you are leaning out away from the board, 90º is maximum.

The fin is small and for once I can live with it, no custom fin needed but for me to optimize the board I would us 16 cm. So you can guess you have to be delicate with your back foot.


That wide tail makes the pop fantastic! With the way you must sail the board, you are always over your front foot. So just come inboard and boost.

You know I love to wave ride my Skate, but the wider and thicker tail makes it more technical and for 2014 I will be using the Skate less in waves. (I have the new Free Wave)


Even though I only do basic maneuvers, the balance of this board is fantastic. The 2014 skate is a lot more technical to sail but if you look at the team, they make it look so easy.

A true dedicated Free style board.

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  1. Really good comparison!!! Can’t wait to get my 2014s!!

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