360º in the straps

There are many forms to the Upwind 360º. Not planning, carving, sliding, aerial……….

There is not much wind but I am on the Skate 89L and a 3.7m sail for these demonstrations.

upwind 360 straps-02-WH

The main Point of the 360º in the straps is to be able to be in the straps not moving.

upwind 360 straps-8848-WH

It is important to keep your body over the center line of the board, rig in balance, so the center of effort is over the centerline of the board. The rig extended away from you. Control the power, as you need some but not so much that you need to lean out away from the centerline of the board.

upwind 360 straps-3-WH

When using the sail to turn up towards the wind you must learn out against the pull but make sure you are forwards, as in ‘A’.

You will see in ‘B’, once you have placed the rig forwards. You must be balanced over the central balance of the board, which is half way between the mast foot and front foot strap.

Try to keep your body over the center line of the board all the way through the maneuver as in ‘C’

upwind 360 straps-01-WH

You will see in this sequence, controlling the power of the sail is important and making sure it is turning the board.

You can see that as the board turns, the mast is traveling towards the back of the board.

In steps 1,2 and 3, notice that my pressure is on my toes. Giving the board a slight angle so the nose can slide. Steps 4 and 5, I have changed the  pressure onto my heels to drive the board around the rest of the turn.

upwind 360 straps-04-WH

When you have more speed, you can carve the board up towards the wind for steps 1,2 and 3.

Things to look out for.

When carving you start the command with the back foot, so make sure you get your weight forwards as fast as possible.

The first carve is with your heels so in steps 4,5,and 6, you have changed over to pressure on your toes. Then 7,8 and 9 is back to the heels.

The Upwind 360º is a base for many moves. The next progression is normally to the Gecko and then…….



The rig and board control is used in so many maneuvers. In fact every time the mast and nose of the board goes through the wind.

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