The Aerial.

Every one’s dream!!!!!!

This one is Guillermo.

And now 2 from Juan-Daniel.



You do not have to work for a good aerial, the wave does it for you!

Here I am lining up to hit the lip where it is going to through out. keeping as much speed as possible.

What is going through my head is that I am way to late so try to get a good snap off the wight water. It is not quite vertical enough but it should work.

Just as I hit the lip I commit all my pressure onto my heels and drop my but. As I feel the bard hit the wave I drive as hard as I can with the front foot.

Wow the wave just through me out, Aerial.

The sail was to closed so I could not get the float. Now I am just praying for some wind.

The truth is I didn’t get it so a nice washing. Thank god the wave was small.

Guillermo again at Jameos del Agua.

Nice One

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