The Cut Back

The bottom turn is all about the speed, the drop in, pure adrenalin.

The cut back can be like this when you do a long fast cut back but for me it’s about hitting the lip hard and getting that snap.

In this example there really is not a wave and very little wind. I am having to use the power of the rig to send me up the wave. Therefore I only go to 45º.

When transferring your weight and rail timing is the most important thing.

Even though most of the work is done with the back foot you must not forget to drive hard with the front foot.

Also remember not to close the sail as you need this to drive you out of the turn.

You lean back to initiate the turn but make sure once the board starts turning to have all your pressure on the front foot and rig.

Now coming out of the bottom turn with speed.

It is so important to stay committed and keep the board carving.

Notice all of my attention is on what the wave is doing aiming for that critical section, keeping the board speed up.

I am nearly vertical so time to change rails. Notice that the sail has not changed angle and I am still not leaning back.  Plus I am directly over the center line of the board.

Ok this time I am to late but it is much better to be late than early

Ok have to find or take some more photos.


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