Top turn on the ALL Wave 9’2” with a sail.

This for me is an interesting top turn.

I am on the All Wave 9’2” SUP with the new 4m North Hero. The wind is very light so you must use the power of the wave.

You can see that I am doing the bottom turn directly at the bottom of the wave, rather than going out the front, due to the light wind and very little power in the wave.

You are putting a lot of pressure on your back foot to angle the board to make it turn. So it is very important not to lean back and bring the rig back.

You can see in this shot that I am in complete neutral. I have decided where I will do the top turn and I am just waiting for the correct time.

Now the pressure starts to go onto the back foot again to angle the board for the cut back. This time you see that you have to lean back but the sail must not.

Here you have to be fully committed, dropping your weight right down and driving with your front foot. Also notice that the sail stays open.

Keeping that commitment ensures that the board continues to drive around the turn.

I always like to complete the top turn, that is go around so I am pointing back to the direction I was coming.

I had already seen that there would be no bottom turn, so it is just going back upwind using the wave.

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