Junior wave camp.

The weather for the week was just perfect.

The camp was run by Philippe Cuchat, www.wave-sailing.com with the help of Eric  Bellande taking the photos and video for analysis. Due to the fact it was an all French camp, it was organized by Club Natelie Simone and Sportaway Voyages.


As always here the wind is light first thing in the morning so it gave us time to give our first day briefings and get to know the participants. They had a short sail before lunch, tuning there equipment and exploring the sailing areas. The tide was perfect so they went up to charcos for the afternoon session. Due to the world Cup being held, this was there sailing area for the afternoons.

Day 2 was an interesting day as it was the start of the PWA as well. After there morning briefing they hit the water. It was inscription for the PWA so local sailor Noah headed straight for La Pulga and the competition area, with the whole group following. It was great to see all the kids playing to the crowds. After lunch they headed to charcos and there first exercise session.

Day 3 started with me having a discussion about the upwind 360º in the straps and the Gecko, followed by Philippe doing video analysis. Then we hit the water to try the Gecko. Great fun. After lunch they had a look at the world cup and then on the water up to Charcos for heat training.

Day 4 started with a SUP session and physical training, followed by a mini SUP and swimming competition. Lunch time saw the wind come in, so after lunch they headed back up to Charcos and learnt how to Judge waveevents.

Day 5, there was definitely a buzz in the air, as the forecast for the next day was epic. The morning briefing was all about motivation. It was time to polish up those moves. Both sessions saw them really getting those rotations working.

Day 6, I can’t call it big Wednesday but Monday. Super strong winds and big waves. We had to delay the start as the tide was too low fore the size of waves, it was not safe to be on the water. This gave them time to rig smaller sails and study the conditions. As the tide came up the waves just got bigger and bigger. It was a hard day on the rescue boat. They were very tiered at the end of the day.

Day 7 being the last day meant it was time for the wave contest. The morning was for practice, waiting for the tide to come up to hold the contest in La Pulga. It was a great contest and I saw a hugh improvement in there sailing through the week.

It was a great week with the kids and we look forward to holding more camps next year.

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