Costa Teguise


This is the spot where we have our Centre, world famous for it’s Windsurf conditions. So it is where we start our tour. When the conditions are extreme we have a perfect wave inside the bay, sheltered by the hotel Melia Salinas or when there is little wind, crystal clear, flat water to explore the bays and coastline around Costa Teguise.



The waves in Costa Teguise work at their best with a swell direction from N – ENE. There are 4 wave breaks to explore.



This is a reef break close to the beach in front of the apartments Las Cucharas. It is possible to surf this from 3 hrs before high tide to 3hrs after. However it has to be big to surf at high tide. Care has to be taken at the beginning and end of the session, as it gets very shallow. The lefthander works all the time but the right-hander you have to wait for enough water. It is a rocky bottom; so care must be taken when falling, always land flat.


This is a reef break just inside the bay of Las Cucharas in front of the Hotel Melia Salinas. It is deep water with the wave hitting a shallow reef, giving a sucky lefthander; which can barrel.  It can be surfed from 2hrs before high water to 2hrs after. Care must be taken on the take off, as it is very shallow, however there is deep water in front.


This is a reef come point break in between the bay of Las Cucharas and Los Charcos to the north. The wave is not so sheltered from the wind so can only be surfed when there is not enough wind for the Windsurfers to use it. It can be surfed from 3hrs before high water to 3hrs after. At the beginning of the session, just at the Las Cucharas end but at high tide it can form a point break all the way from Los Charcos. Care must be taken as there are some rocks sticking up in places, not a problem at high tide.


There is a reef at the entrance to the bay to make it an enclosed bay at low tide. It can be surfed like all Costa Teguise spots from 3hrs before high water to 3hrs after. This is a very popular spot for the windsurfers as there is clean wind for them to sail apart from directly in the entrance. With the prevailing NE trade wind there is very little wind on the wave but it is very windy for the take off. So it is only possible to surf this wave when there is not enough wind for the windsurfers. From the northern arm of the bay it gives a lefthander right across the entrance until it meets a short right-hander, which comes off the southern arm.

When there is very little wind, there are some nice flat-water paddles both North of Los Charcos to Los Ancones and south to Playa Jabillo and Playa Bastian and the king’s Palace.


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