English Left/Corner Spot




This wave only works when it is big and the bigger it is the better as the wave breaks further away from the rocks. It works with a NW-NE swell and W-NW wind. When you drive from Jameos del Agua there are 2 car parks on the left just before the corner.

The entrance is a small beach half way between. This is a high tide break as it is easier to get in and out but can be surfed at all tides. It is a lefthander with many sections.

You do not want to be caught on the inside.



If it is too small for English left or flat, it is a nice paddle up to the corner spot.

This wave only works at high tide and for S.U.P needs to be small. It works best with SE-W winds and a swell direction from NW-NE. This is a lefthander breaking into a rocky bay. The take off is very powerful hence the recommendations for a small swell; as you don’t want to wipe out on take off. The rocks are very sharp.

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