The evolution from the Fly Race to the Fanatic Falcon 12’6” x 25”. A look at it on land.

I started with the fly race 12’6” x 30.5 in 2011 and thought, what a beautiful board.

Learning how to paddle a race board and finding out what it could do.


Then came the Fly race 12’6” x 27.75” in 2012.


As our level gets higher we can go down a size.


And now the Falcon 12’6” x 25” in 2013.


The boards are so different, so as always I have a look at them on land.

The rocker has been changed a lot, R (27.75” wide) takes the flat section much further back and gives a larger tail kick. This board must be fast, as you will be able to trim it so the tail is just out of the water. W (30.5”) starts a progressive kick further forward encouraging the board to ride back. The Falcon again changes a lot, It still is relatively flat forwards but has a progressive curve throughout. After a short test with the F, trimming is now not necessary, the rocker looks after it.

But take a look at the front!


What a difference, R, wave piercing, W, lift and clear.

Ah that helps to explain the rocker.

But now F is just full, it will give cut and lift.


This angle really shows the difference between them.

W, goes into a flat V very quickly after the front entry, whereas R, keeps a lot more V along the flat rocker section. F now is just round, displacement, fast


Again the tails are quite different, R, being much narrower. This is better for a faster water release but does make the board a lot more unstable. F takes it further and is now round, zero wash. Look back and you only see where your paddle has been.


The falcon is a lot more round, there is no no sharp edge. The water does not know where the end of the board is, it can not leave a footprint.

Well I think it is much easier to go through the shaping while saying what they do on the water.

See you next time.

3 Responses to “The evolution from the Fly Race to the Fanatic Falcon 12’6” x 25”. A look at it on land.”

  1. I just moved on from my Fly Race Clear Wood to a 12’6″ x 26″ All Star. What’s your feeling on the Fly 26 G10 fin? I kept mine, but have only tried it in flat water once. Looks like you are running them on both boards? It was a tough choice for me between the Falcon and the All Star.

    • Hi Mike. The Fly G10 26” is a good fin, being G10 means it is strong and quit impact resistant. The down side, it is heavy. On down winders the fin is great. In flat water I used a more vertical and narrower fin for speed. The fin that comes with the falcon is great, being more geared to a surf shape. The board is more maneuverable. It is carbon and very light but very fragile. For beach races where you have to run up the beach, I prefer the G10.

  2. I need help/advice. I own a Fanatic Fly Race 12’6 X 27.75 and love, love this board. I decided to upgrade to a faster board as I have become more proficient and purchased the new 2014 Fanatic Falcon Flatwater 12’6 X 26″
    I am female and weigh approx. 128 lbs.
    this new board board does not compare to my Fly and I am so disappointed!
    My Fly gildes across the water and is virtually effortless. The new 2014 Falcon 12’6 X 26 is sluggish and “drags”
    My dealer is willing to take the board back but insists that there are no more Fanatics available with the older design to the new 2014 style deeper hull. I am so disappointed. They are suggesting a Jimmy Lewis Stiletto carbon fibre.
    I am a big fan of Fanatic, surely there must be the older style pre 2014 board available?
    Help please!

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