Donkey/Table Top from Noah.

This is an interesting Donkey Kick sequence from Noah as it shows an option for him to do.

You can see in this jump he is taking off down wind so he has a lot of speed and forward momentum. It is harder to get the board into a true Table Top and tweeked.

However he has enough hight as he brings the board back under him and he has everything in the correct position to do a forward loop.

So come on Noah go for it!!!!!!!!!!

Now in this jump he is tacking off much more up wind, the more traditional way for a Table Top. Normally you look for a much steeper wave as you need to go straight up with little forward momentum to get it really tweeked and have time.

As you get to the top of the jump you need to have the sail as horizontal as you can to use it as a parachute to come down. You can then hange off the rig and tweek the board as far as you can.

If you do not have much hight, you have to bring the board back under you very fast. It is difficult to land cleanly.

It is very easy to land flat from this jump so you have to take care! Try to land tail first or you have a good chance to break your board or your feet.

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