5 Day adventure on Lanzarote.

It seams funny after living on Lanzarote for 22 years that we spent 5 days finding new waves.

But this is exactly what we did, they were new waves for the SUP.

I was very excited when Stephane Etienne phoned me to say they would like to come over and discover some new waves and could I be there guide and photographer.

So with Nicole Boronat and Fred Bonnef he came over from Fuerteventura and met me at the club.

After checking in at there hotel we decided to go back down to the south of the island as the wind was North and I knew the north would be flat. The skies were grey and as we came out of Yaiza we could see it was still windy, so we went to El golfo to see if we could get some lifestyle shots for there Article.

I know this wave for surfing but is it possible for SUP. The launch is tricky, off large boulders and it is not very deep. It looked small until they got in the water. That wave has power.

Fred was finding out exactly how much.

The Sun came out and it was a great session.

This place is worth another visit when it is a bit larger to find out what it does.

A great first day, so lets see what we can find for tomorrow.

We woke up to blue skies on Day 2 but the wind was still from the north. So we decided to go back south for some blue shots.

Which we got.

The black sand and coast line in the south is amazing and very dramatic.

To be able to surf waves with such a back drop is an experience to be savored.

Sylvano joined us for Day 2, helping with filming and also catching some waves. They also found out that El golfo has a very wild side.

Fred had not seen the island so we decided to go through the National Park and take a look at La Santa.

Now to get to La Santa and find that there was almost no one out was amazing. So there was a sunset session to enjoy.

What a day! three locations with more than 1000 shots.

Can it get better than this.

Day 3 and again blue skies and the wind has gone. So it has to be a visit to the Famara side.

It started with some lifestyle shots in the harbour at Famara and then a trip around the coast to La Santa.

There are so many waves, it is only choosing what size you want to surf.

You can always find a wave with no surfers on it. With a SUP we can always paddle to another place.

And catch some amazing waves.

We meet up with Rob Small for some of them, in this wave it was nice to have a local to show us where to go.

I even had a chance to get on the water for a small session on a fun little wave.

So day 3 ends and what another fantastic day.

Day 4 and the body is very tiered. Can we last another epic day.

Having spent the last 3 days surfing off rock and shallow reef breaks we decided to find a quiet sand break along the beach of Famara.

Fun was the name of the game.

No rocks so we can just play.

Just the one session as they needed to get some land lifestyle shots but what a fun session.

Plus yet another great day.

Day 5 and the last day.  As always you need to get those last shots you need for a trip. The funny thing was, they had to be the flat water shots.

I had to work so Eric took over as guide and the rest of the team taking turns in taking the photos.

So it was a trip up to Orzola with the large boards. The problem is that if you find a wave you just have to surf.

So now onto the lagoons for those promised flat water shots.

What amazing colours!

There are so many places to explore and we only touched the surface.

We had a fantastic 5 days and I look forward to there next visit this winter.

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