Here is a look at some more back loops from Tonky pointing out some key points



The first part of the back loop is just a jump, you are climbing to the top of the jump. It is either the wave that firers you up or the speed you are going.


You are extending your front leg and bringing your back foot under your butt. In your mind you must think that it is the board that is going up, not you falling off the back of the board.


As you get near the top of the jump you are steering the board with the sail. Notice how far back it is, the foot of the sail is nearly touching the board. Plus Tonky is very compact.


At this point you are starting to come down.


Adjusting the sail. It is quite delicate as you are nearly in clew first neutral.


Try to bring the board back down under you keeping off the back of the board. If you are to much out, the rig will pull you forwards and you will land going over the front.


Here is another example of how you are staying off the back of the board.






I am not saying try the one hand one foot back loop but notice how small the wave is and that Tonky does not go very high but still has time.

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