The up-wind 360 in the straps.

This is one of the first maneuvers you learn in freestyle.

Here I am on the 115l Free Wave with a 4.5m sail in light winds.

I always do these to warm up for the gecko as it is easier.

The next sequences I am on the Free wave 85l and 4.5m again.

This time coming in which is good for doing it on the wave.

It is important to be over the center line of the board and have your front hand as far back as possible.

Carve the board hard up towards the wind. Once the board starts to turn you must get  your  body weight as far forward as possible.

Getting the rig as far forward as you can towards the wind.

In the carving 360 you really do not have to do much with the sail but the rig must still go through the motions so look at the light wind sequence at the top of the page.

Just a really fun maneuver to do.

This is the first article. I have added 2 new ones in this section. Enjoy them.

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