Jameos del Agua/ Punta Mujeres


To do a down winder and surf these breaks is truly amazing but to find all of them without surfers is rare. Due to the closure of the coast track you can only enter the water at Jameos del Agua or El Burro in Punta Mujeres, unless you want to walk a long distance with your board.

These breaks are lava reef breaks with sharp rocky exits.




There are 2 waves at this location, the outside reef and a point break (la Surfera). They are famous to windsurfers being the best wave in the Canaries. This wave works with a swell from NW-NE but it has to be very big to work on a NW. The outside reef works best with a NW wind where as la Surfera is better with N-NE wind. They work on all tides but obviously it has to be bigger to work at high tide.

The outer reef has a very steep sucky right, where as the left is open and fast. On a perfect day the left will connect with la Surfera.

La Surfera has many take off spots depending on whether the sections are connecting; there are 5 sections in total but be warned the last one ends on the rocks.

The entrance is a channel in front of the car park but care must be taken when it is big.


This wave is amazing, especially as when it is small, surfers think it is too far to walk to go in. For S.U.P it only works around high tide, maybe giving you about a 2hour window. After that if you get caught you will go on the rocks. It works with a swell from NW-NE and winds from W-NE. Due to the location being very open it is very difficult for S.U.P if there is any strength in the wind.

The wave is a lefthander with 2 sections. It is truly an amazing wave when you can connect them, which is possible on a NE swell. The take off is steep but to connect you must go through a soft section. If you connect you can back door a barrelling last section when it is big.


This wave only works when it is big so it is unusual to find it without surfers. It will work from swells NW-NE and winds from W-NW but again it is open, so light winds are preferred. It only works at low tide, be careful as the tide comes up, as you are sent closer to the rocks without an escape route.

It is mainly a lefthander; watch out for the end section.


This is a point reef break which works at all tides depending on the size of the swell. It works with a swell from NW-NE and winds from W-NE. This is a lefthander with an interesting last section, which is like a bowl at low tide.

The easiest entry is down the slipway where they put the boats in.

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