Duck tack

The duck take was normally the next ducking maneuver you learnt but now with the new school moves it is easier to duck the sail the same as in the Duck Tack but gybe.

Here Tom is doing a Duck Tack.

First as always we must go into the start position at half wind. You then have to change your feet where you will have to regain your speed and balance. When you are learning it is useful to use a small wave, it is easier to keep your speed.

Like in the duck gybe it is important to get your back hand as far back as possible. When you throw the sail it must be in total neutral.

Your front hand must go all the way to the back of the boom. It is important the sail goes away from you and you do not lean back, your weight must stay over the center of the board.

You must pull the sail very hard to the back of the board and let go.

At the same time you are beginning to carve the board towards the wind.

Notice Tom is using hi back hand in the foot of the sail to encourage the wind to hit the back of the sail to lift it back up.

Once the sail comes back up you are just steering the board around using the back of the sail.

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